Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Our team of highly skilled subject matter experts can assist in the re-creation of a search and rescue incident where lives may have been lost or litigation is taking place. Based on latest available technology, we can examine all available data related to:

and reconstruct an incident with the highest level of accuracy supported by scientific research, factual information and expert opinion. We have significant experience in the maritime realm by closely working with law firms worldwide who are representing families of lost loved ones lost at sea. We understand the complex environment associated with search and rescue activities and can easily interpret technical documents related to winds and currents, drift rates of objects in the water both forward and backward, survival times, vessel stability, meteorological conditions, survivability and more. We can investigate activities which took place during an incident and ensure they are in line with internationally approved procedures.

Our mission is the relentless pursuit of uncovering the truth amid a compilation of charts, reports, testimonies and documents. We present our findings impartially and help provide guidance on likely outcome of potential litigation whether we are assisting the prosecution or the defense.

We are not lawyers; we are search and rescue experts with more than 100 years of combined experience at sea and in the air. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Forensic Analysis
Forensic Analysis

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