Citation from the Canadian Coast Guard:
On 12 Dec 2021 at 0117hrs Zulu time, JRCC Trenton was notified by Canada Mission Control Centre (CMCC) of a COSPAS-SARSAT alert indicating a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) activation off Cuba registered to a Canadian vessel. After an initial investigation, the SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC) in charge of the incident determined the sailboat owner is a Canadian from British Columbia. SMC authority was transferred to the Cuban Border Guard, who thereafter searched the areas with negative results. Not satisfied of this answer, JRCC Trenton staff pursued their investigation and contacted USCG in Miami, and linked CMCC staff to provide current alert position information (working through three satellite networks to detect and track the signal On 14 Dec 2021 at 2036hrs Zulu, the USCG  Miami issued an AMBER alert, a maritime broadcast message, to all vessels in the area who could divert towards the last known position (LKP) emitted by the PLB. The captain of a tanker vessel who received the Amber alert reported to USCG. The tanker diverted their course and located the person in a life raft at position 21 08.35N 083 41.0W. The person was in good health and mental condition, was brought onboard the tanker and disembarked in a Jamaican port Thur 18 Dec 2021 to fly back home at the earliest convenience.  The gentleman had been in his life raft for six (6) days when he was located on 14 Dec.  by CMCC
The JRCC Trenton staff’s initial investigation led to inquiring with Columbian authorities as the distressed boat had been procured in that country. The boat owner was believed to reside in British Columbia, so the assistance of the RCMP was sought to reach out to the address linked to the PLB registration. This led to a next of kin (NOK) in Quebec, who is the person’s daughter. She was advised of her father being rescue, brought to Jamaica and flying back home.
The management of this incident shows the effort and perseverance by everyone through multiple work shifts and organizations. It is an exemplary illustration of thoroughness, dedication to saving Canadian lives at sea, not giving up on hope until all options are exhausted even when the alert is 2600km away, and illustrates the wonderful cooperative relationship JRCCs have with our SAR partners. 

Thank you for your service and dedication. This was truly beyond expectations and allowed a family to be reunited for the Holidays.